. Implementation

We will complete your project- precise and dependable

The execution phase benefits from our forward-looking planning and our ability to take individual spatial circumstances into consideration. Every interior has its own particular characteristics and these have to be determined to arrive at appropriate solutions for the installation work. We accordingly check and document on-site features in advance and transmit the data in well-structured form to project protagonists. CAD-based tools now come into play to visualise the installation situation. The gathered data can be used in later processes and also downloaded to a database for online tracking of installation progress by the client.

Our logistics network and optimised package sizes, materials and delivery routes ensure fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping. Once deliveries arrive, our experienced assembly and installation teams finalise the project with precise results. Like all our qualified staff they are highly motivated, well-trained and well-equipped and thus equal to all tasks. You can rely on our expertise even in demanding situations – we will find a solution.

Case example


01 | Site survey

Every interior has its own characteristics, explaining why precise documentation of the on-site situation is important for all further steps.

02 | Implementation

The current status of planning can be viewed at all times.

03 | Shipping logistics

Our proven logistics network provides optimised shipping routes

04 | Installation

Experienced installation teams ensure swift and accurate project finalisation.

05 | The result

The modern and clean-lined design of the fixtures focusses attention on the products