No matter whether used for product presentation, shopping advice or signposting, digital signage will make showroom or store visits a powerful customer experience, with commercial-grade tablets fostering interactive communication and large-screen 4K displays turning sales spaces into irresistible customer magnets.

In line with its proprietary „SEE - simple, easy, enjoyable“ principle, ISARIA combines software operation with durable hardware and outstanding support into a single-source, all-inclusive package for your next digital signage project. Today digital signage is indispensable as a means of customer engagement, namely by enabling communication with consumers as they come to a

purchasing decision, increasing revenue with promotional in-store messages and triggering impulse buying at check-outs. The wide range of functionalities and features in ISARIA‘s digital signage solution suits it ideally to the retail trade with its increased need to outpace the competition. Central management of ISARIA digital signage players will enable you to manage your content worldwide, for example by deploying your e-commerce platform at stationary points of sale for direct purchasing of products that are not available in the store.

Additional responsive touch solutions make shop terminals easy to implement, while integration of material such as visuals or videos from your existing website will facilitate administration while sparing you double content management.

Digital Signage Hardware

We have the hardware for your project and intended use. Our products are designed for 24/7 operation and distinguish themselves with low energy use and a long service life. They have no moving parts like fans or magnetic hard disks to break down or gather dust, and are totally silent, meaning they can be deployed in the vicinity of customers.

Nor do they need painstaking servicing and cleaning, which will go easy on your budget in ongoing operations. ISARIA'S IDS Stick, IDS TAB and IDS CUBE are based on the energy-saving ARM System-on-Chip Architecture and run under the Android operating system.

Digital Signage Software

IDS Content-Management-System

Log in

A one-time registration on enables access to our IDS-CMS. You can run any of our IDS-products (TAB, CUBE, STICK) using this platform.

Providing content

Simply load your content to the media pool. Here you can create and assign playlists for your IDS player via drag and drop.

Plug & Play

The IDS player logs in on the IDS-CMS automatically and downloads the assigned playlist as soon as it is connected to the wireless network.

IDS-Android App

The ISARIA Digital Signage APP was developed to satisfy the demands of the digital signage market with cost-efficient hardware (Android player). The IDS-APP is installed on all IDS hardware products. The IDS-APP loads content provided by the IDS-CMS. The IDS-APP communicates with the IDS-CMS in regular intervals, which can be adjusted If you added, changed or deleted properties, playlists or content via the IDS-CMS, the IDS-APP downloads this information and processes it on the IDS player.

Downloading and deleting is done in the background, the play-out is not affected. Via the IDS-CMS, you can also restart, monitor and switch IDS players to standby mode. The IDS-APP on the IDS player is also interactive when connected with a touchscreen. You can interact with websites and switch between content by swiping from the left or right side of the screen.

Digital Signage Content


We edit, convert and manage your content.

Editorial content

We license latest news from all over the world for you and provide your customers with daily news.

Individual templates

By using CI conform templates, we guarantee that all content is displayed all over the world exactly like you have specified.

Cloud Render Engine - Personaized Videos

Create personalized videos with just a view clicks. Our IDS-CRE enables you to integrate various media content (for example text, pictures, videos or RSS-Feeds) into one video. Drag any media into the specially created template and click ‘render’. After the rendering process has been completed, you receive direct access to the video via a provided URL.

Simply add the address using the button ‘external media’ and position the video within the playlist via drag and drop. Editing an existing video is even easier. Simply open the template, edit your content and click ‘render’. The existing video in your playlist will be replaced automatically as soon as the rendering process has been completed.

Digital Signage Services

Planning and consultation

Initiating, planning, controlling, monitoring and finalizing. ISARIA project management in perfection will help you succeed.

Rollout und initial operation

Our established logistics network guarantees the secure and on-time delivery of our products. Shipping worldwide, our service companies will install the hardware on-site and bring the IDS systems online.

Expert support

We check and distribute your content locally, nationally and globally using our IDS-CMS. System diagnostics, on-site service and hardware support complete our range of services.


  • Proven-in-use
  • „„Web-based and scalable
  • Online conversion for medial content
  • Remote firmware updates, volume,
  • brightness and much more
  • Access to external media and websites
  • Nesting of playlists
  • Media RSS support
  • Context-sensitive online help
  • Templates for your advertising campaigns
    • Channel subscriptions for up-to-date news and information
    • Multi-zones for splitscreens and more
    • Logfiles
    • International support
    • Standard programming (SMIL)
    • Full service provider
    • Cost-effective hardware incl. software
    • No installation required
    • Compatible with all browsers

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