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Development is one of our mainstays, and that includes ideas that will provide the starting point for expression of your brand. In our design management work we work in collaboration with agencies and designers on development of brand-specific design concepts, resulting in with proposals with a strong orientation to execution.

Innovation, quality and feasibility are a particular focus of our work, as well as modular concepts that suit all spatial situations. Our ideas begin to take on physical shape at the model-making stage. This starts with a non-functional  mock-up, and continues with surface finish and detail models to provide an initial idea of a design's look and feel. A 1:1 mock-up and a prototype are 

then produced to enable the client to gain an impression of the design's overall spatial effect. At the structural design stage the mock-up is then converted into CAD for production planning. We come with the best requisites for this task: excellent knowledge of materials and outstanding engineering and mechanical know-how.

This enables us to influence the choice of right material at an early point, thus paying off in the durability of the products.  Finally, at the production planning stage, we prepare the product for series production. This includes definition of materials, manufacturing methods and packaging, as well as consultation of experts, such as the German Technical Control Board (TÜV). Costs are then calculated and production is begun.

case example

Modular accessory presenter

01 | Development

Briefing: It all begins with an idea

02 | Designmanagement

Re-briefing: We are asked to fit the idea to specific spatial situations – a simple process thanks to flexible dimensioning.

03 | Mock-Up, and prototyping

A non-functional mock-up is created, followed by surface finish and detail models to provide an idea of the look and feel of the design. A 1:1 mock-up and a prototype are produced afterwards.   

04 | Structural Design and production planning

Structural design: The design is fine-tuned to arrive at an ideal technical solution. Production planning: Production drawings are made for economical series production. 

05 | The Result